Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spoiler Alert: BEST Superbowl commercial this weekend

And here it is!! The new Budweiser Superbowl Commercial!
I just absolutely LOVE this.
Its the best commercial you will see this weekend! Very touching..
And it was filmed right here in Boonville!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Budweiser Baby Clydesdale featured inn Super Bowl Commercial

Here's a great article about our very own "Warm Springs Ranch" which is only about 4 miles from our B&B, and one of their new born baby Clydesdales. And... Their having a contest to name the baby! Here's the article... oh and its going to be featured in Superbowl commercial this weekend! Be sure to watch!

Baby Clydesdale featured in Super Bowl XLVII commercial

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What is a Bed & Breakfast?

So what IS a Bed & Breakfast any way? What is it like to stay in one you ask... here is a tid bit that maybe helpful...


Over the years we have discovered that probably 70% of our guests have never been to a Bed & Breakfast before and ask us what is the difference between staying at a hotel/motel & at a B&B. So we have put together a simple explanation about B&Bs that we hope will help you enjoy the wonderful experience of staying at a B&B. 

B&Bs around the world are all unique and vary by country, region and even city. ALWAYS make sure they have a "website". This is important, and helps you know what you are getting, and if they are still in business. ALSO check their 'reviews' on TripAdvisor. Are the majority positive? Remember the saying... You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time? We all are human and we all have different personalities, temperaments, and tastes. you usually can tell if a review is legitimate. use good sense when reading reviews. 

Each and every true Bed & Breakfast is someone's home.

Staying in a Bed & Breakfast has advantages over staying in an impersonal hotel. You are accommodated in a home-away-from-home with very nice people looking after you. And for better value than a stay at a hotel/motel, you get a comfortable --often luxury quality -- room and bed, often with a private bath, a wholesome breakfast (full or extended continental), sparkling conversation, lots of activity ideas and cultural advice, and often, free parking.

As more North Americans are choosing Bed & Breakfast accommodation over hotel stays, B&B hosts would like first-time guests to know -- but are often too kind to tell them -- that there are some major differences between the two types of lodging.
When staying in a Bed & Breakfast, the key is to remember that you are a guest in someone's private home; you're not staying in a hotel. We hosts want you to have a warm, relaxed and memorable stay; all we ask is that you be a polite and thoughtful guest.

Here are a few things that they all have in common for you to consider when staying at any true Bed & Breakfast.
Please do not take this as a list of rules, but rather as suggestions to ensure that your stay is enjoyable to you, other guests & the hosts.

Check-in / Check-out times are so you can receive a heartfelt welcome when you arrive. They will vary so confirm them with your hosts and try your best to adhere to them.
Arrive as close as possible to the time agreed upon. Unlike a hotel, there is not always someone “on the desk”. The host may be out picking up groceries, working in the yard or otherwise unavailable. Hosts plan their day around guest arrival times, and they worry about you when you are much later than expected. Delays are a potential peril of any travel and welcoming our guests is part of making your stay comfortable and memorable. Please notify your hosts if your arrival time changes uncontrollably.

Please, knock or ring the bell when you arrive for the first time. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being caught off guard as someone is standing in your front entrance and you don't know whom they are.

If you must cancel, contact your hosts as soon as possible so they have the opportunity to accommodate other guests. Hosts understand that the unexpected can occur.

Pets, smoking, dietary restrictions, unusual arrival times, and outside guests are all things that should be clarified when making a reservation. They will be different at each place you stay.
If the brochure/web site states "NO PETS", please don't ask your hosts to make an exception. Saying no to guests is awkward. We are in the business of meeting your needs, not denying them.

Most B&Bs are located in quiet and private residential neighborhoods. Consideration for neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum, and respecting private property is vital to maintaining a great enjoyable environment for all guests – present and future.

If you need to move furniture in your B&B accommodations, please remember that the liability of moving the furniture is best left to your hosts.

Feel free to point out things you like as well as suggestions for improvements. Remember, your hosts want everyone's stay to be enjoyable and memorable. Most strive to improve everything at their B&B and respectful suggestions are gladly welcomed.

If you have allergies or any special needs, let you host know ahead of time so they can be prepared to accommodate you to the best of their ability.

B&Bs are on various systems and the hosts will appreciate your careful use of water. Please help conserve energy by turning off lights, TVs and appliances when you are finished, as well as closing outside doors & windows while operating air conditioning/heating.

If you break something or spill, tell your host. They understand that accidents happen.

At most B&Bs, breakfast is served to everyone at one time, usually at 8:00am or 9:00am, however times may be flexible and if you require/wish your breakfast at a different time etc, please discuss with your host as early as possible to ascertain if they can accommodate your needs.

Guests normally do not stay in their rooms all day & are usually out and about the entire day, visiting the many attractions, birding, the wineries etc. This provides time for the Hosts to clean the rooms & do any maintenance that might be required.
If you are staying more than one night, tell your hosts if you don't want your room tidied and bed made. Normally hosts will want to ensure that your garbage is emptied & that your room & linen is clean. They feel uncomfortable intruding on your private space.
Take the time to sign the guest book and write a parting comment. Your hosts have put something of themselves into your stay and your comments are appreciated.

When you depart, leave your name and full mailing and/or email address. A business card is perfect. This way your hosts can contact you if you have left anything behind.

Most B&B will require a deposit when you reserve a room and will request your credit card information. The deposit amount varies, as do the refund procedures.
B&B cancellation policies are usually a bit stricter than hotels/motels. As they are small operations, and do not over book rooms like hotels, cancellations affect them greatly. Please ask what their cancellation policy is at time of booking.

The vast majority of B&B owners follow these basic requirements:
Provide a high standard of cleanliness.
Provide good quality furnishings and linens in guest bedrooms.
Provide an adequate number of bathrooms with sufficient hot water and high quality fixtures.
Provide a breakfast of consistently high quality, which is included in the room rates.
Provide for the safety and fire protection of guests consistent with provincial guidelines.
Provide friendly guidance and assistance to guests about local attractions and places of interest.
Provide a published, reasonable deposit and cancellation policy.
Provide accommodation, services, and meals consistent with their own advertising.

B&B's can range from the simple to the luxurious, with price ranges to match all budgets.
When visiting an area discovering its geography is important and by staying in a B&B you will also touch the soul of an area- its people.
Your hosts will be able to direct you to all the undiscovered treasure spots not listed in the travel brochures- that quaint restaurant, the newest artisan's shop, the antique barn etc.
Your individual needs will be heard and met if possible, whether it's for an ironing board or a bicycle.
Special diets can often be accommodated, especially if hosts are informed ahead of time.
In a B&B accommodation you are offered the warmth and care found only in a private home.
The personal touch always matter at a B&B.
You will never have to wait in long line-ups at the registration desk.
Most important of all, you will have arrived as a stranger but you will have left as an acquaintance and friend.

And finally, if you want to know what it's like to be a guest at our Bed & Breakfast, visit TripAdvisor and read our reviews. You'll read from folks that were first timers to B&B's and seasoned B&B goers! And be sure to check out our website!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Focus Determines Direction!

Today as I read my devotional, it talked about focus and how it determines our direction in life. So true! It gave the example of a race car driver and how important it is to always 'look' where you want to go. If you look at the wall, you will 'hit' the wall. Boy I've done that before! Figuratively speaking! oh wait... I did 'focus' on avoiding a critter in the road once and ended up in the ditch!

Sometimes, I have no problem focusing, and when I’m determined to do something, look out! But my problem is when my focus is on the wrong thing......
 Like Peter, when he saw Jesus walking on the water, his entire focus was on Jesus. As soon as he took his eyes off Jesus, and looked at the storm around him, and down at the sea, he began to sink. Where is your focus? Are you looking at the storms in your life? The wall? Are you sinking in your circumstances?

Maybe your focus this year is on taking better care of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. If that’s the case, maybe a quiet getaway is in order. A place to rest, reflect, re-prioritize your plans for this next year.  What could be better than a stay at the High Street Victorian! You will certainly find it the perfect place to Focus and go out this year, headed in the right direction!

Can't get away right now? If you want to lock in this months special price, you can purchase a gift certificate at the current discount price for use at a late date (I only have a limited number of this offer)! Give us a call or visit our website to make your reservation:

May you be blessed as you focus your eyes on the One who always leads you in the right direction! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's your point of view?

This is not a political post. It's about my  point of view as I look out to my back yard. My point of view changes depending on what window I look out, or where I'm standing in my gardens. And from season to season. It's always an enchanting experience.
What a Beautiful day! Super sunny! The sun is melting a bit of the snow. So I can't help but look out my windows. The sunny, crispness in the air (about 32 degrees), snow, and fresh air is beckoning me to come out into it. So I grabbed my camera and ventured out. I snapped some pics of the views from my back yard.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Welcome to my Blog! I hope to bring you things that will inspire you! We'll discuss the Bed & Breakfast happenings, recipes, events both here and in and around Boonville, as well as lots of pictures!

To get you started and familiarize you with the area, here are some pictures I took yesterday when I walked up the street! These beautiful old homes stand majestically on the hill along the south side of the Missouri River. This is a beautiful walk down my street if you were to come stay with us!

We See The Amish Daily! This is one of my favorite things about livng here!