Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Focus Determines Direction!

Today as I read my devotional, it talked about focus and how it determines our direction in life. So true! It gave the example of a race car driver and how important it is to always 'look' where you want to go. If you look at the wall, you will 'hit' the wall. Boy I've done that before! Figuratively speaking! oh wait... I did 'focus' on avoiding a critter in the road once and ended up in the ditch!

Sometimes, I have no problem focusing, and when I’m determined to do something, look out! But my problem is when my focus is on the wrong thing......
 Like Peter, when he saw Jesus walking on the water, his entire focus was on Jesus. As soon as he took his eyes off Jesus, and looked at the storm around him, and down at the sea, he began to sink. Where is your focus? Are you looking at the storms in your life? The wall? Are you sinking in your circumstances?

Maybe your focus this year is on taking better care of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. If that’s the case, maybe a quiet getaway is in order. A place to rest, reflect, re-prioritize your plans for this next year.  What could be better than a stay at the High Street Victorian! You will certainly find it the perfect place to Focus and go out this year, headed in the right direction!

Can't get away right now? If you want to lock in this months special price, you can purchase a gift certificate at the current discount price for use at a late date (I only have a limited number of this offer)! Give us a call or visit our website to make your reservation:  www.highstreetvictorian.com

May you be blessed as you focus your eyes on the One who always leads you in the right direction! 

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