Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What it takes to do a 'cookbook photo shoot'

You wouldn't believe how much work it is to get Just the Right Shot! I was holding a white bounce card and the flash while Gene took the photo, to get the light just right and so it would like like it was 'morning light' instead of night time out! LOL!

Even placing the food on the plate and where to place it and what compliments it color wise, what garnish looks good etc... And you have to cook it just right for the picture.

Also, so the pictures look different and not all the same, some are taken outside, or with different backgrounds and place settings, and of course different china too! Then when you finally get it right and have the shot you think you want... then you can go ahead and eat! Yes, we really do eat it afterwards.... usually, and often reheating it!! LOL! We have been eating 'breakfast' food for lunch and dinner to get all the shots we need for the book. But I LOVE IT!!

Testing the light...

Checking the setting...

working with the background...

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